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How A Successful Kickstarter Lost Half A Million Dollars


via Kotaku

Yogventures, an ambitious video game project helmed by a group of YouTubers called The Yogscast, raised over $567,000 back in 2012 to make what they called “the game you’ve always wanted.”

Last week, the developers of Yogventures announced that they had cancelled the game, and that backers would not be getting refunds. So what happened? Where did the money go? Let’s break it down.

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Oh on the dawn painted sky,
there is the most wonderous sight to spy;

a truley magnificent flock
that will give the neighbours a shock!

Here comes the cherub soft
most pampered things to be aloft,

and as they descend without a doubt,
we must all show our pride and shout;

Hail, glorious feather-boa-wearing butts!

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