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Gamma Gamma Gamma

  • Her left eye (normally concealed) is completely black and doesn’t even reflect light. She has no vision in that eye.
  • Any time she experiences traumatic injury, her body will force her unconscious in order to begin healing.
  • Auto-regening drains a lot of energy and will leave her fatigued for up to several days, depending on the severity of the injury.
  • Gamma has no tattoos or piercings, but does have a networking of blue-glowing veins around her heart. They are visible in very low light, and glow brighter the closer to her heart they are.
  • She dislikes pets and regards them as nuisances. Do not ask her to take care of animals.
  • And that goes for children as well. She will interact with them, but not on a nurturing level. Kids better be able to take care of themselves.
  • Favors will only be accepted if she asks for them, or they can be returned in some way. Don’t buy her birthday presents, it’ll bother her.
  • Gamma doesn’t really have a favorite food, but she is rather fond of candy.

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While Egg and Ziek were off doing their cute rp, I was committing myself to evil.

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